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Link dump – Fancy distinct colors

By March 9, 2016Bio-informatic

Writing the blog and the thesis at the same time appeared to be harder than expected. I will be back here soon enough !

In the mean time, I was looking to beautify R generated graphs and most of the time I got stuck in having to choose nice but distinct enough colors.
Looking for it on the net, people already have found nice solution to this problem. Here is a couple of useful links.

    This is the first one I found, quite easy to use and you have a nice control over the different parameters you want. But you are rather limited if you want a lot of colors, as you cannot control how many to generate.
  • Then a colleague brought to my attention “I want hue”
    This one as a fancier web display, which my ubuntu does not like for some reasons. But you control how many colors you want to which range and easily copy past color code ready for R.

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