Batch of Flyers

I realised that I never really shared any of the flyer I made for the TMC Chapter of the Amercian Society of Microbiology. So here is the latest batch, click on one picture to make it bigger.  
November 19, 2019

Microtalk series and their flyers

On July 15th, I will be presenting my work at a local Microbiology series in the Texas Medical Center. This series is called "MicroTalks" and organized by the local chapter of the American Society of Microbiology. I am helping to organize this talk series, mainly by doing the poster/flyer accompanying…
July 1, 2019

Microbial Advent Calendar 2k18 – Worm Model

This will be the last Microbial Advent Calendar of the season. Today we will in the most biased way, highlight one of the best host-microbe association models we can currently work with. I am talking about the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. This is a fascinating system, both by its history and its ease…
December 22, 2018

Microbial Advent Calendar 2k18 – House Arrest

Twentieth Microbial Advent Calendar! Can you believe it? Today we have a look at another insect-bacteria symbiosis: the rice weevil. We saw this month that insect often establish symbiosis with bacteria. Symbiotic bacteria can play important roles in the life of insects affecting their reproduction, complementing their diet, increasing their resistance…
December 21, 2018

Microbial Advent Calendar 2k18 – Blood feast

We continue the Microbial Advent Calendar with Leeches, and of course, they have bacteria to help them digest blood! Before continuing any further we have to take a mandatory Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou stop. Please enjoy the gif on your right. Now we can proceed. Like many…
December 18, 2018