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Microbial Advent Calendar – 11 Yeti Crabs

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For the 11th day of the Microbial Advent Calendar what about fantastic winter themed monster? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the mythical, the mysterious, the only one, the YETI crabs... *Cough, Cough* Unlike its (still) elusive homonym, the yeti crab is the informal name of a deep sea…

Microbial Advent Calendar – 10 Chocolate and Bacteria

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What would be an advent calendar without chocolate? Christmas is invariably associated with this delicatessen, it is present everywhere around us. I am pretty sure we all already ate at least a tiny chocolate Santa. What I didn't know, is that to have a good chocolate, you need good cocoa…

Microbial Advent Calendar – 09 Pine Microbiome

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Belated day 09 of the Microbial Advent Calendar, today we have a look at the Pine Microbiome. Trees are covered with bacteria and in some cases are intimately associated with some, often at the root level. Endophytic bacteria, located within the plant for at least part of its life cycle…

Microbial Advent Calendar – 08 Nano Bacterial Christmas lights

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The Arctic is definitely an incredible place. Today in our  Microbial Advent Calendar we look at amazing Microbial factories. In a 2016 paper (here) Plaza et al., identified several gammaproteobacterial strains capable of synthesizing fluorescent nanoparticles or quantum dots. Quantum dots are nanoparticles that are their own central theme in…
Comparing genomes of 600 Helicobacter pylori
Let's compare many genomes of the same bacteria and see what comes out.

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Bio-informatic[PwD] H. pylori
November 14, 2017

[Playing with Data] 607 pylori part III: Start digging

Hello Folks, it's been a while! I thought it would be time to continue this big Helicobacter pylori genomes experiment and keep the blog going on. We left with the previous post on preparing the data for our analyses. The main next step will be re-annotating all the genomes in…