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[The Traveling Bacteria] The Sushi Factor

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So we are. We are currently roaming and eating our way through the small narrow streets of Tokyo. Each time we stop at or pass by, a restaurant or a small busy street food stall and you can always spot the omnipresent…

Microbial Advent Calendar – A review

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Now that I can move my neck properly again it's time to have a look back on my Microbial Advent Calendar attempt. The exercise was to produce a small blog post a day, for 24 days, about a cool microbiology fact/paper related anywhere from close to pretty far from the…

Microbial Advent Calendar – 21 Cheesy Bacteria

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Yes! I made that pun! As a Frenchmen abroad I wonder why it took me so long to come up with today's theme for the Microbial Advent Calendar. For day 21 we look at the rightfully placed fascination of scientists with cheese and their associated microorganisms. There is so much…

Microbial Advent Calendar – 20 From to Pole to Pole

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So yes I am trying to catch up with my Microbial advent Calendar and No, I am not redoing the same as day 06 of the Microbial Advent Calendar... NO WAIT!! COME BACK!! I swear, it different and it's linked in a nice way! (At least I think it is...)…
Comparing genomes of 600 Helicobacter pylori
Let's compare many genomes of the same bacteria and see what comes out.

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Bio-informatic[PwD] H. pylori
November 14, 2017

[Playing with Data] 607 pylori part III: Start digging

Hello Folks, it's been a while! I thought it would be time to continue this big Helicobacter pylori genomes experiment and keep the blog going on. We left with the previous post on preparing the data for our analyses. The main next step will be re-annotating all the genomes in…